A Month’s Worth of Meatless Monday

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You know that whole thing about “Practice What You Preach”, and the often seen first cousin, “Do as I Say, Not as I do” ?  Yes, well, I was thinking about all of my advice to cut your grocery bill by going meatless once a week or so, and how I left you all to your own devices to go and do just that.  Personally, I don’t even like most meat that much, so it’s easy for me.  I mean, I do like salmon, and steak and lobster, you know, the good stuff-  not the cheap stuff, and a lot of times I would just RATHER do without.  But still, if you are used to eating meat daily, or 2-3 times daily, it’s tough to come up with ideas for Meatless Monday (or any day. That’s just catchy.), that, in your brain, is still going to fill up your stomach.  So I put together for you a Month’s worth of Meatless Monday recipes, that’s FIVE, not 31, and even a little linkup at the bottom, maybe you can be inspired to Go Cheap, err, I mean, Go Meatless on more than just your Monday.  Only Four Monday’s next month and you already have dinner planned tonight?  Well…You may not like one, so consider number 5 an alternate.

Meatless Mondays Month1


You know I’m just considerate like that.


A Month of Meatless Mondays

Meatless Monday Month1 Detail

 Veggie PotstickersMade with Bell Pepper, Mushrooms, Cabbage.  Don’t like those veggies?  Switch in some that you do.  I’d say leave the cabbage.  It’s cheap, absorbs the flavor of the others, and really gives the consistency you are looking for.  Personally, I’ll probably drop the mushrooms and go for diced carrots.

Kids eat them?  Mine LOVE them.  Think of them as just another kind of nugget.  Add a dipping sauce.  Kids love dipping sauces, right?

Mexican Paint Soup with Butternut Squash: Again, my kids LOVE soup.  I love that this doesn’t have a lot of diced veggies that they can pick through. And I can make a double batch and freeze some easily. And you can’t tell me this doesn’t just plain look like fun.

Indian Fry Bread with Hominy Salsa: HELLOOOOOO. Will you Marry Me?  I may not finish this post, as I need to go figure eat this. Now.  Will I make Fry Bread?  Ehh.  Maybe not the first time.  Perhaps some Trader Joe’s Naan, My second true love…. But one day, I know I will crack.

Artichokes and Cheesy Grits: So let’s be honest.  Artichokes are an acquired taste.  And they are kindof pricey when it comes to veggies.  And I am not going to use them.  I have half a package of  Brussel Sprouts left from last week, and I plan to use them in this.  I do.  And they are going to be incredible.  And if my kids turn their noses up, I will just chop them into tiny pieces and they won’t be able to pick them out. Welcome to MY house.

Mini Chili Relleno Casserole:  What’s not to love?  It’s like a fluffy little cake, made up of eggs.  Remember what I said about Eggs? Eat up then.  Enjoy!


I hope this is some inspiration to get you started.  Try them all.  Or pick one and make it every Monday in May.  That’s OK with me.  Let me know how your’s turn out.  I’m starting with the (Brussel Sprouts) and grits, cause that’s what I have on hand.


For more ideas, follow my Meatless Meals board on Pinterest.  I can’t say I’ve tried them all, but it should get you started.


And now that you don’t have to plan dinner, here’s a question to ponder, completely unrelated to anything Meatless OR  Monday, but just curious, what do you think?  Would Anne Frank have been a Belieber?  Or should we just be happy the Beebs knows who Anne Frank is?


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Denise Davis

Denise is a Frugal Mama who loves food, fitness, and family fun. She used to love shopping, now she loves consignment shopping. She’s on a mission to get the most of of life while spending as little as she can, doing all of this while teaching group exercise classes, feeding her family real foods, and loving her little ones to bits. Have a question, comment, or idea? Email Denise here: Denise gocheapgohome com


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  1. JennSomethingClever says:

    Off-topic, but those graphics are gorgeous!

    • Denise says:

      Not off topic at all! I spent A LOT of time trying to make those eye catching so maybe people would be like, hmmm, this is vegetarian??? Maybe I should give it a try!!
      Ya know. Trying to be a big league bloggess and all ;)

    • Denise says:

      Oh and thanks for stopping by!

  2. Pinning THAT. All. Day. Yum!

    • Denise says:

      Feel free to invite me over for taste testing. I love eating. I know how to wash dishes ;) thanks for stopping by today!

  3. These look amazing Denise. As we have been going green, I have been trying to reduce our meat intake as much as possible. I love buying meat from a local farm because I know that they don’t use antibiotics or growth hormones but since the move, we just don’t have the storage space any longer. So I decided that meatless it is. But having a carnivorous husband and a growing 14 year old have made that difficult because they always feel like something is missing. Truth be told, I’m a bit kitchen challenged. I really think these recipes are just what I need!! Thank you so much. If you don’t mind, I want to share some of them with my readers with a link back to you. And I agree – beautiful pictures!!

    • Denise says:

      THank you Penny! Yes, try them all and please contact me if you have any questions!! I agree, the hardest part at first is without meat, you just feel like, something is missing!! Knowing what to include to help you feel full is the first thing, and when all else fails, smother it with salsa! That’s what I always do!!
      Let me know how you mix them up and if you have any questions, and I’ll try to include any changes I make.
      So what do you think? New monthly feature?

      Oh, and yes, please share! Thank you!

  4. Great ideas! We have a 40-day fasting here in Greece once a year (preparation for the Orthodox Easter) and many people are looking into cooking without meat (or dairy products) as it is not permitted. Very few can manage 40 days without meat, but the majority of the people goes without meat/dairy for 1 week before Easter (We call it Great Week – Megali Vdomada).
    So, your suggestions are definitely an inspiration for -out of the Greek box- thinking:)
    Thank you!

    • Denise says:

      Wow! Well thank you so much for your response. I think if you are used to eating meat multiple times a day, it can be hard to come up with something to eat once, much less 40 days with no meat. But the more you do it, the easier it becomes, and meats become just another ingredient, instead of the main course.


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