Milk and Bread Sandwiches

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I’m up extra early today, no coffee even, to enlighten you all on a very important subject.  That is, Bread and Milk Sandwiches.  That’s not another cheap meal coming from me.  Well, I guess it could be a cheap meal, if you wanted it, although not as cheap as a Tang Sandwich.


You Know you drank this in the 80s

You Know you drank this in the 80s

That’s not a real thing, either.  No wait, we saw it on TV once, so my mom made one for us.  You have to pinch around the edges, or else all of the Tang will fall out.  Works great on Sunbeam bread, oh so soft, and you can just smoosh the tasty orange powder right down in the Sunbeam.


As if there were any other kind of bread?


Yeah, Loaf Bread.  But that would still be Sunbeam, right? 

Yes, I said Loaf Bread. 

Do you not? 

It’s bread.

That comes packaged and sold in a loaf. 

As opposed to what other kind of bread? 


It's Batter Whipped. Who Knew?

It’s Batter Whipped. Who Knew?

I don’t know?




Yeah, that seems about right.


Loaf Bread, and ink pens, and all of these other things I always thought were southernisms, I have learned, may not be.  I still live in the South… Only  no one seems to know what I’m talking about anymore?


Maybe too many transplants here for our Sweet Tea and Fried Okra.  Although, I know you are a transplant if you call it “Sweet Tea.”  Cause really it’s just Tea.  Honestly, what other kind is there???


So get out your ink pen and your, NO, Not your writing paper.  That’s just silly.  Get yourself some notebookpaper and make a list.  A Grocery List.


Snow’s a-Comin’.


You ready?


1. Milk

2. Bread


Yup, that’s it.


Snows on the forecast?  All of the good Southerners are gonna run out to the grocery store for some milk, and some bread.  It’s cold out, so we will be wearing our long pants.  (This one in particular seems to get the most ridicule, but I, personally, believe that short pants would get you much more ridicule.)


And you know, the Deep Blizzards that hit around here, we are all gonna be stuck in our homes for a WHOLE DAY.  So  lemme warn you.  We.  Are going to be eating ourselves…. Some Bread and Milk Sandwiches.

milk and bread

Who’s Laughing Now?

Those of you wearing your short-pants, and writing with your “Ballpoint Pens” maybe are thinking, “Well, shouldn’t it be called a Milk Sandwich? If there’s nothing on the sandwich,  but milk?”


Well aren’t we all fancy with our high falutin’ words?


It’s a Sandwich, made of Milk. And Bread.  A Bread and Milk Sandwich. 


I’ve never had one in my life.


But I can promise you, when I turn on the Morning News in just a few minutes, if that weatherman even utters S-N-O-W, I’ll be first in line at the Teeter for my Bread and Milk.  Only these days, it’s Lactaid, Soy Milk, and Whole Grain Bread (still in Loaf-form).


But who wants to eat a Sandwich made of that???


Happy Weekend, friends!

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  1. Tracie says:

    Thanks for enlightening us :)


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