Win a Yard Makeover from DIY Network

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Have the Ugliest Yard in America?  Think it’s so bad you could Win a Contest with it?

Who wouldn’t want a free yard makeover?!?!?
DIY Network’s Jason Cameron is searching for the country’s ugliest front yards for his biggest landscape makeover of the year. “America’s Most Desperate Landscape” is a one hour TV special that will dramatically transform a dreadful front yard into something spectacular.Jason and his team will bring all the tools, plants, paint and materials for the job.

The homeowners will bring the ugly landscape, sweat equity, personality and complaining neighbors.



Details on our casting call are listed on and on the YouTube link. Good Luck!



Denise Davis

Denise is a Frugal Mama who loves food, fitness, and family fun. She used to love shopping, now she loves consignment shopping. She’s on a mission to get the most of of life while spending as little as she can, doing all of this while teaching group exercise classes, feeding her family real foods, and loving her little ones to bits. Have a question, comment, or idea? Email Denise here: Denise gocheapgohome com


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  1. Cyndi says:

    My yard is uneven and and can not do much in the yard.I can not cut down trees till home is payed off.Just wish i could do a outdoor kitchen.
    Cyndi recently posted…A Mother’s Day MixtapeMy Profile

  2. Denee Rudd says:

    My front yard is a site to see. We leave on a slant and everything is washed away. Everything I do washes down the neighbors yard. I have spent too much money to try and make it look good. I need someone that know what they are doing. The little bit of grass I have is getting strangled with weeds. Please help. I have a nice looking house, but can’t afford anymore money to fix up the yard.

  3. Mich says:

    I have a very sad looking front yard – - my house and yard have been an ongoing project for 15 years — it’s always “when we save enough money we’ll do that” well, you never can seem to save enough…………

  4. Erica Dunn says:

    When we built our house,the home builders, they did not flatten the backyard. So our backyard is on an incline. A couple of years later we put an under ground pool in. Now when it rains things run into the pool. Then we have this area where my husband decided to put mulch and not grass for the swing set-and now the area is a mess cause of our new dog digging, and I would so get rid of the dog but Santa brought him for our girls. Please help

  5. I have three little girls and a whole lot of backyard that is not user friendly. I have a patio that is uneven that hold water and a shed and a big pile of sand sitting in the middle. the shed sit in the middle as well I need help with my backyard BAD. Please help. I am a retired soldier and now I teach high school and my wife teaches the little ones. So, please help us.

    Stevie Stringer
    (912) 531-7732

  6. David McConnell says:

    My backyard is a total blank slate, my family and I are so lost as to what to do.Wejust want a nice private area to entertain, and relax.Please help us.

  7. Mawusi Mungin says:

    My yard is on slope. My bushes are growing out of control and i have a pool deck thats coming up. I have one kid in college, one getting ready to go to college. HELP!! I want to spend time in my back yard without being attacked by bushes and bugs.

  8. Sadly I am sending this PLEA for a decent yard as I STRUGGLE to afford the BUY the house I am living in with the horrible yard! It is a 1928 Cape Style home with ALUMINUM SIDING! Yes, I said aluminum. It is in need of so much repair, that if I could even have a decent yard to walk through before entering the home – that would be a blessing!
    So why am I buying the home? It is all I can afford and it is in a nice town next door to my parents who are kind enough to assist with childcare while I work multiple jobs to make ends meet.
    So yes, it is a sad excuse for a yard and a home, but location is key – safe town – parents next door – BUT it could be nice ONE DAY if I ever muster the funds to make that happen. Meanwhile I will plead my case to any show that will listen. Thanks!

  9. I am still paying to buy my little house – built in 1954, has good bones…but the yard…ewwwwe. I have planted grasses and trees and no luck(and no help). We have drought conditions here, although right now we are getting rain, normally its very dry and I have tried to work with that – Xeriscape is the way to go. I planted no mow grass and decorative grasses, cacti and small plants, only to have my neighbor run them down because I didn’t know what I was doing(she said)…all disguised in the name of help==I just don’t have the funds to keep doing this. I need some screening plants extending my fence, and would like some rocks/boulders, maybe a berm w/plants that are drought tolerant and mulch, and I like curvy lines, not these postage stamp lawns(sorry) that are all alike. Anyway, I would love your help!! And I would love to say money is no object, but it is….an obstacle for me…please come to Colorado Springs and make my dreams come true :)

  10. PLEASE, PLEASE,PLEASE HELP this Nana!!!!! My yard is on a MUDDY hill and I don’t have a clue as to what to do with it, I don’t have much grass to speak of, mostly weeds, nowhere to just sit and watch my birds or watch my 3 wonderful grandkids just play, they live with me fulltime and I want to give them something better. I just saved enough money to buy an above ground pool so the kids wouldn’t be so bored, the red mud just runs all under it and I just look for it to pop out of the ground, I have disabilities that keep me from doing much, but I tried digging a trench with a garden tool so the rain water will run in a different direction, what a joke…..please come to S.C. and give me a yard!

  11. Javier Ortega says:

    Please help. My backyard is uneven along with a shed that has a hole in it due to the rain. The grass I do have gets burnt with the lack of shade in my yard. I have a really good size backyard with lots of potential. My neighbors behind me are below on a hill, so my fence doesn’t reach the bottom to the ground.

  12. I just so wish that we could win a backyard makeover.. Just unable to finacially or physically preform. My son is deployed so is unable to help us. Love to find deals to at least at color.
    Laurie Nemeth recently posted…The Importance of Wearing Panties to Breakfast (w/ Pin It Forward Fridays Linkup) #PinItForwardMy Profile

  13. Mimmie says:

    I have a large backyard for the suburban area we live in but it is just grass and an older kayak pool. I want to do someting amazing but have become paralyzed by fear of messing it up. I see so many wonderful designs but do not know where to start. I would love for my family to enjoy the outdoor space we have but cannot seem to come up with an affordable design that would be functional and beautiful at the same time. I don’t want to waste the space (or money) and not end up loving it. Please help the decoratively challenged to turn this large mostly empty space into a work of art.

  14. Elizabeth Ambrosia says:

    We are retired seniors, unable to work due to health issues. We bought a new built house 9 years ago and have been trying to create a decent yard. “professionals” we have hired took advantage of us–did bad work, ruined things, took our money and ran. We just want a peaceful life with a country type setting—lots of trees, flowers, bushes, etc. Our land is 100′x100′, with the house in the middle. We had a man put in a privacy fence ($4000.00 that we had to borrow) and he installed it wrong. He won’t come back to fix it, said “it looks ok to me” and then quoted us a cost of putting up another fence. We don’t know who to help us make a country yard. My husband is a combat veteran of the Vietnam War and suffers PTSD (combat trauma) I want to give him his dream. Will you please find it in your heart to help us? Thank you so much! the Ambrosia’s

  15. angela duckwiler says:


  16. Teri Sieve says:

    I have been a single mom for many years with my priority being my kids, not my yard. But now I am an empty nester that works two demanding jobs and would love a yard to come home to where I can let the stress of the day melt away, have a yard for my kids to come home to and enjoy time together, and for a place that my neighbors could be proud of. I need your help please!

  17. Tracie says:

    Hello. I’m a 28 year old single mom (my son is 7). I purchased my home in 2012. My front yard is not so appealing. There aren’t any flowers just rocks and dead grass. There isn’t a walkway. These things I didn’t pay attention to when I purchased the home. Now that I see it everyday, its just a mess. I work & go to school full-time; it’s kind of hard for me to get outside to make it look like something. I really don’t know where to start. This is my first home and I really would like to be able to sit on my front porch and enjoy the view; at this time I cannot. Can you all please help me!?!

  18. Tina Ferry says:

    I would love to win a yard make over for a few reasons. First because my yard does not look as nice as it could no matter what I do. It has fallen trees in the rear and these vines that have stickers on them that no matter what I do I cannot get rid of them. It has bushes/weeds that no matter what we have tried come back. I have tried to build a garden to make it look nice ..but it still looks plain of need of work.

    The rear of the house has the fallen trees and uneven property areas. There are two sheds that need replacing and has alot of fallen branches also. It is to large of an area for me by myself to work on since my husband is disabled and cannot help me and on a financial level it is just to big of an area to do what I would like.

    If I was blessed to have the yard made over I would like to have the front make pretty but also given a nice area for my grandson to play … the rear I would like to see a nature friendly yard and a nice area were we could have company and a barbeque pit for my husband .. something he would be proud of….

    All this fenced with vinal fencing to keep my grandson safe.

  19. Mary Vivian says:

    In the past we had flower beds and trees. A few years ago the ice storms destroyed all but our pine trees and even they are not in the best shape.
    Now we are getting older and can no longer work in the flower beds. We need ideas on how to make the yard look great without putting in flower beds.. Currently I am thinking about using the 18″ square stones and do a Patio look in the front yard. Then sitting large pots of flowers, a bench and bird bath around. what I would like the most is a large front porch but being retired there is no way possible for us to do this.
    Don’t have a clue what we will come up with for the back yard.

  20. Mary Vivian says:

    In the past we had flower beds and trees. A few years ago the ice storms destroyed all but our pine trees and even they are not in the best shape.
    Now we are getting older and can no longer work in the flower beds so we removed the beds.
    We need ideas on how to make the yard look great without putting in flower beds.. Currently I am thinking about using the 18″ square stones and do a Patio look in the front yard. Then sitting large pots of flowers, a bench and bird bath around. what I would like the most is a large front porch but being retired there is no way possible for us to do this.
    Don’t have a clue what we will come up with for the back yard.

  21. Taby says:

    I would like to say my yard is a cry for help.
    It is uneven, going uphill to mountain behind the house.
    Old cracked steps leading to the garden, partial brick cracked fence,
    old shrubs and perennials, some wilderness. Old trees shading over from
    Neighbor land and some of our own.
    I would love a deck, some stone
    Walking path, a fire oven or outdoor
    kitchen would be great. It could look very nice
    If done properly.
    I cannot even hope to fix this on my budget.

  22. Nick says:

    My wife and I finally bought our dream home but front and back yard is an eyesore .
    Located on a hill with uneven ground and old yellow patchy grass and over grown bushes that I have tried several times to trim but they are out of control. It is a shame since our house is located on a beautiful corner lot and beautiful neighborhood but since we spent all of our life saving on the down payment and mortgage cost, getting this big project started seems impossible. If we can win front or back yard make over, would be a dream come trough for our family.
    Nick from Mission Viejo CA

  23. Lisa says:

    My name is Lisa and I am a proud, soon to be single mother of a 6 and 9 year old. My children and I love to take nature walks, visit local parks, and enjoy being and playing outdoors. We live by a culdesac in a 30+ year old ranch style home located in a quiet neighborhood with a sizeable yard. We would love to be the house in the neighborhood where neighborhood kids come and play and offer our backyard and patio as a place to host neighborhood gatherings. Just one little problem, we have a large back yard with lots of trees and few flat surfaces to play and entertain in. It has always been our dream to enjoy nature in our own environment but we have not yet been able to see this dream realized for various reasons. What a blessing it would be to our family, friends, and neighbors if we could be the recipients of a backyard makeover. We are open to any ideas, designs, and expertise that you have to offer and would promise to pay the gift forward for years to come. Thank you for considering us for this amazing opportunity! :) Lisa from Marietta, Georgia

  24. terra says:

    H-E-L-P!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! our yard is an eyesore, completed with chain link fence with three unsightly hanging door entrances. the yard is right next to a culvert (on our land) and there is a horrid big rusty outbuilding with electricity.


    thanks for the consideration.

  25. We are The Ortega's says:

    Hello DIY, I’m always watching your shows and truly amazed how you bring a ugly backyard to life.
    We currently just went from renting to buying our first home, we have two acres of land and a- lot of
    dirt, my husband works as a hot oiler I’n Hobbs NM, and laughs at me cuz he says, them TV shows never
    comes to the southern part, and nothing is for free, lol. For once I would love to prove him wrong and love to
    see his eyes fill up with tears from completion of a backyard paradise, my husband is always entertaining I’n our backyard shared by my horse and our dog,the smell of horse poo and dog is sum times to much, he is always cleaning and saying- one day,I’ll have it complete. My husband is truly the hardest working man on this planet but our land is taking to much for him being that he works 18 hour days, seven days a week, please help me bring them tears to his eyes by coming south to Hobbs NM, where it’s windy,sandstorms, hot and ugly, thank you and have a bless day, The Ortega’s

  26. Aisha says:

    Please help me DIY. My backyard is horrible. We have a large unfinished deck because we ran out of money to finish it. A fenced in garden area that was never cared for and grass that just won’t grow. I would love to transform it into something that my family and I can enjoy for years to come and an era to be proud of. We have never really came up with a good plan for our backyard and could really use your help and expertise.

    Desperately seeking a backyard retreat

  27. Kimberly Smith says:

    I just finished building a new home on 144 acres of land. Need serious help to beautify this property. It has great potential! Would love to see DIY do something in AR!! My goal is to have a self sustains farm in the next couple of years.
    Thank you!

  28. Katya Forsyth says:

    Hi!!! A family that loves to spend time outdoors is desperately in need of back and front yard makeover!!! We moved out of of the philadelphia to enjoy fresh air and beauty of spending a lot of time outdoor, not only to relax but also to have a chance to eat homegrown fruit and veggies!!!!Unfortunately it was hard to find a nice home and a nice landscaping done… We love the house but the landscaping is a disaster, so totally not kid friendly or barbecue friendly or garden friendly!!! Many trees, roots, not a patch of grass…but beautiful views and great potential!! Do many ideas we have, but so impossibly little finances and experience! Don’t even know where to start and how! But so ready to take a shovel and be ready to go go go!!! Just need your help!! Never in my life had a backyard, I grew up in the city, but has always been a dream of mine to have one and be able to give it to my kids!!! We are so close to our dream and yet so far!!!! Even if we ever be able to afford to make some changes, we still will never be able to have that wonderful imagination, skill and talent of yours!!! We desperately need you, because we believe in you and trust you!!!


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